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[RC] re; Bonehead Moves - Tom Sites

I got 2 from the same horse.
The first was when he first started out as a 4 yo and we were in a thicket of saplings and he started turning circles and a sapling hit him and he freaked out and started running circles arround me and the faster he went the faster they slapped him.  I tried to calm him down and yet he kept going in these circles arround me and it really got freaky cause he was going so fast and circling around me.  I considered letting him go as it was getting scary but thought it would only get worse if i did so i held on.  After he didn't slow down and kept getting crazier in these circles i pulled his head down and started walking and after a while it all settled down.  For a while tho it was a weird period of time.
The second was later and during the first 10 miles of a ride and i had natures call for a # 2 so i pulled off the trail to take care of things.  He was in race mode and as i dropped my pants and started to discharge he started doing this circle thing again and this time he hollered to let everyone know where we were and i thought, what we were doing....  I was embaressed as i thought everyone could see me w/ my pants down and this horse letting the world know where we were.  The worst thing about taking a crap in the woods during a horse race is not being prepared, and i was not.  So as i try to relieve myself and then figure out how to wipe myself with all i had being leaves and that not working i tore the bottom off my shirt off and tried to do the best i could to clean myself up...all the while he was turning circles and telling everyone who went by where we were.
I was embaressed.  He wanted to go.  I dare not shake anyones hands later on til i got a little cleaned up.  I wonder to this day if anyone saw it the same as i did or was i hidden.  I doubt it...i was seen by someone and they laffed their ass off at me and i deserved it.  ts