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Re: [RC] More "bonehead moves" - Karen Sullivan

Here was a potential bonehead move....
Had the "bargain basement" bad-girl Arab/TWH mare at her first camping trip.  She was the alpha mare from hell.  Anyway, survived the first day's ride by fortifying my morning coffee with a good shot of Kahlua...and was later celebrating around the campfire with a glass of wine. 
My friend reminded me just after dark, that we needed to blanket the horses.  I was feeling no pain when we headed into the electric corrals with a lantern and the blankets.  My mare was standing up by the dividing wire next to my friend's horse as i heaved the blanket up and over, buckled the front, and struggled with the belly band.  It kept slipping away from me, but finally, I pulled it firmly and got it buckled. 
I slipped under the fence and my friend asked me if i was ready for her to turn the charger back on.......thank goodness I had a moment of sanity and took another good look at the situation.  My horse was standing awfully still......just before my friend turned the charger back on, i realized that the belly band of the blanket went OVER the electric fence!!!  I had essentilaly buckled my horse to the electric fence.
Of course, when my friend and i realized this, we just about fell on the ground laughing...this would NOT have been a good situation for this particular horse!
If she had turned on the fence; no doubt that horse would have still been running!


Re: [RC] More "bonehead moves", Horseraser