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Fwd: [RC] Breeding your mare...sheesh guys - Karen Sullivan

Kathy and all,
My mustang mare is not a Kiger; she is from Coyote Lakes, which is east of Steens
Mountain.  Anyway, she looks like a bigger version of a "Spanish mustang", being
about 15.2, with a very um, mustang type head, or as I prefer, Andalusian-looking <g>.
She has developed a variety of "easy gaits" over 3 years of conditioning and hills; started out with a broken pace,which has developed into a singlefoot anda rack, and most recently, occasionally a running walk.  She has comfortable trot and canter..but where she leaves a lot of horses in the dust is the downhills...where she really gaits easily and quickly. 
Really loves a go, Arab type personality, very fire-y, and a neat grulla color with the leg barriing and dorsal stripes. 
If anyone was every going to breed an Arab to mustang, the one stallion who is a standout to me is Steens Vaquero (Cowboy), a grulla, 15.2h just absolutley gorgeous Kiger who does Cowboy dressage and blows the warmbloods away!1

On 9/10/08, Kathy Mayeda <klmayeda@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My friend's husband rides a Kiger.  He finished LD without missing a beat - calm, cool, steady pace, but he just putted uphill most of the time, probably more due to lack of conditioning yet than anything else.  She herself has a little mustang.  They both show a lot of Spanish influence in their conformation and the way they move. Read: almost gaited....  I think that the right mustang would be fun to breed to if I were to cross outside the breed.  Kigers are absolutely beautiful!  Love them stripes.
I do myself have dreams of breeding my mare, who's already produced some really nice purebred Arab fillies.  But it will be when I'm in a position to keep them in a forever home, too.  Certainly wouldn't be breeding to sell.

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 11:36 AM, heidi larson <ribbitttreefrog@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Well, I'm a culprit here, I leased an arab mare and bred to a kiger mustang for my dream horse (Kiger Caliente)!  The arab was CMK/Polish lines, just what I was looking for, pretty well built, nice legs/shoulder/back and movement.  The Kiger mustang was actually shown in multiple diciplines (Kiger Sundance) has a wonderful personality, has the more smooth muscling that I wanted vs some of the beefier, drafty types or the ass/onager slab sided type.  So far, my yearling+ has dad's thicker skin, not as sensitive, not as jumpy as the arabs, he's sweet, has AWESOME legs and feet, great hip/shoulder, neck could be a bit longer, but that's the mustang I'm thinking!  


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[RC] Breeding your mare...sheesh guys, heidi larson
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