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Re: [RC] More "bonehead moves" - Carrie Kitley

Here's just ONE of my many bonehead moves: 
I had a nice long uneventful ride on my Paint gelding (before he became my hubby's horse) and had just hit the end of the trail where it leads back into the stables.  I decided to take my feet out of the stirrups and stretch my legs when one of the other resident equines up on the hill decided to thrash his feed trough causing a really loud bang and before I knew it, I was face first in the dirt, horse trotting off with a "got her" swagger in his gait. I swear he was snickering the whole way.  I pulled my lamo self up off the ground, spit all the dirt and leaves out of my mouth, frantically checked to see if I had landed in a bush of Poison Oak and walked on after my horse, picking the rest of the debris out of my teeth, hair, nose, eyes, bra, etc.
I found him back at someone else's corral, happily munching away on their extra bale of hay as if NOTHING went on!  Creton!
I put him up and went into the bathroom to wash up a little and looked in the mirror much to my horror and realized my face was all bloody, more like blud (blood and dirt makes blud, right?!)  I had cuts and scrapes all over my face, 'blud' dripping from under one eye . . . I looked like an extra for the "Thriller" video.  Needless to say, I don't take my feet out of stirrups anymore.  I'm too friggin' old for that sort of frivolity now.  =)

~Carrie  <\_~
              // \\
"The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears." 
~ Old Arabian Proverb


--- On Wed, 9/10/08, Melissa Margetts Ms. Kitty <margetts@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
From: Melissa Margetts Ms. Kitty <margetts@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC] More "bonehead moves" to brighten Toris day.
To: "ridecamp" <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2008, 3:10 PM

I have spent Waay too much time on the computer today. Mostly because 
I'm too bummed to go outside cuz it's snowing. Yep SNOWING! First 
snowfall of the season and even though we have about eight months of it, 
I'm never ready for the first dusting. I was so ready for some ride camp 
levity after taking part in the earlier heated breeding discussion. 
While reading Carlas and Toris "bonehead" moves, I was just
one of my own. One day I tied one of the horses to the arm of a fairly 
heavy bench seat that we had taken out of the van and were waiting to 
take off to storage, so it was just sitting conveniently next to the 
barn. I only meant to tie him for a minute while I went about messing 
around cleaning up some things in the tack shed. By the time I 
remembered that he was tied there, he had sauntered about eight miles 
down a jeep road leaving grooves from the clamps of the bench seat that 
he was dragging behind him, so he was very easy to track. By the time he 
reached the paved main road, he was already reported to animal control, 
the Sheriffs Office, and the local radio station. All the reports stated 
that a stray horse was calmly walking down the road toward town, was 
grazing and seemed to be oblivious to his "cargo". I retrieved the 
horse, came back for the seat and called the Sheriff, animal control and 
radio to report that all was well when they put me LIVE on the air. The 
next day there was a picture of him on the front page of the local paper 
with a mouth full of grass and his Ford bench seat at the end of his 
lead rope. I was the Director of the local wildlife center for thirty 
years and people would think I would have been more animal savvy. The 
by-line read "Resident horse from Rocky Mountain Ark hits the road for 
greener pastures". I wanted to crawl under a rock.


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