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Re: [RC] Spooky Horses - Steph Teeter

Yes, so far I do agree! I just bought a new horse, hopefully 'the' horse to replace my incredible Jaziret who is getting up there in age. She (a mare!) is 1/2 Arabian, 1/2 Shagya (the sire is actually 1/2 Shagya (by Oman), and 1/2 Lusitano). She's beautiful! Still young (5) and inexperienced, but doesn't seem to be a spooker.
And she just has a different look to her eye than most full Arabians. And seems very kind and trusting - and a 'thinker'. I'm looking forward to a new challenge - and a mare... that will be different!


p.s. this was one of those serendipitous horse findings: I decided not to ride the 2nd day of Pink Flamingo because my main horse (Jaziret) was home with a pasture kick, and the horse I was riding (Jose - a delightful horse too!) was a little puffy in the front legs after day 1 with all the hills that he wasn't used to, and I stayed around to help ride management, and was taking pulses, and my friend Regina came in to the vet check with this beautiful gray horse with a soft eye whose pulse dropped like a rock and I happened to be the one to take her pulse and innocently asked 'wow, what horse is this??'. "Oh, this is that Shagya mare of Barb's that I've been riding for her this summer. I'm taking her on her first LD. She's for sale." Uh oh.

On Aug 19, 2008, at 8:39 PM, Donna J. Coss wrote:

If one is searching for a quiet, steady endurance mount,  I would urge
you to look for SHAGYA ARABIAN blood.    >>


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[RC] Spooky Horses, Donna J. Coss