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[RC] Barefoot AND Shod (was: Barefoot Trim) - k s swigart

Terry Bannister said:

Well, you know, but failed to mention I only have one
horse! I have often wondered what I would do if I had
multiple horses, because each horse has different hoof
needs. And not every horse comes to us with healthy,
undamaged hooves like mind did. Managing multiple
horses requires an efficient system. It is not practical to
have some horses barefoot and some of the horses shod.

Why the hell not?  _I_ do.  Managing multiple horses requires managing
each horses individual needs, including the individual needs of their
feet.  All of my horses have their feet managed differently depending on
the individual traits of the horse, its work load, its stage of life,
itis living conditions, etc.

And Bruce Weary also (at least I think so) stated that they manage the
feet and hoof protection requirements of each of their horses

In fact, it is not "practical" not to manage different individuals
differently as their individual needs dictate.

And farriers certainly know this, which is why they have different size
and shapes of shoes, they do clips on some horses, they do pads (of
differing types) on some horses, and they don't shoe some horses at all.

I have found that the "one hoof management method fits all" mindset
exists far more among the barefoot enthisiasts (or religionists) than
among those who are willing to use metal shoes.

In fact, I don't think I have ever heard anybody say "All horses need to
wear steel shoes" (which doesn't mean that such people don't exist, just
that if they do, they don't proselytize their religion the way their
counterparts in the barefoot world seem to.

While managing different horses' feet differently depending on their
individual needs can be inconvenient, one of my definitions of a good
farrier is one that will accommodate you in doing so.  The good thing
about having multiple horses is that (assuming you pay your bills on
time) farriers like to have you for a client because you are a steady
source of business.

Orange County, Calif.


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