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[RC] re: tying up mystery 7/21/08 - ZIRCMOM

I  had a challenging experience with a mare " cramping" at races- the more we conditioned, the more she came into heat. The vets were baffled, as she would cramp, be extremely uncomfortable, but was not
metabolic-heart rates in the 30's to 40's, and not  colicky. for 2 years I consulted vets-Nancy Loving and CSU drew every blood test possible. All levels-se, etc-chemistries, enzymes, etc were normal. One CSU Vet ruled out gastric ulcers, then said " you endurance people never want to accept that some horses are intolerant to exercise ". So, we entered a phase of drawing labs, riding 20-35 miles, then re-drawing labs. they finally believed me that the non-stop heat cycles were the problem. 2 vets said to put on a bovine patch. 2 said do regumate. ( this was not possible with my erratic work schedule ).
 one large animal vet @ CSU was doing a research project of spaying 28 mares with the same complaints-all competition mares, 26 arabs. this was laparoscopic-standing scope-not the hemorrhage complication of open surgery. Zoe had the scope dec 2004-back to work jan 2005, she has never been pulled for cramps since. she also still has a few small, light heat cycles a season-hormonal influence from the adrenal glands.
                                                                            sandy hancock, aerc # 11530
                                                                            ward, colorado

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