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Re: [RC] re: tying up mystery 7/21/08 - oddfarm

Wow! Now that is VERY interesting. I have a mare that also comes into heat just from a ride. She is obviously uncomfortable and has to stop every 15 minutes or so to "skeet" as my husband calls it :)
Just trying to get in a training ride can be painful for her. I have observed her in the pasture when I think she is ovulating. She starts to sweat and roll, then she runs for all she is worth for about a minute then she throws herself to the ground and rolls again. I am not exaggerating when I say she THROWS herself, as if trying to get something off of her back. This goes on for about 45 minutes. She is exhausted and dripping with sweat.
I can't really give her anything because she can't stand still long enough (except to skeet) and won't eat anyway. By the time a shot was administered and started to take effect, she would be done. I know she is in pain. If we are not riding her, these episodes occur once a month or so. If we are riding her, they occur almost weekly. When she is being ridden, she won't drop and roll, but she does feel like she needs to take off, as if to get away from the pain.
I certainly understand not every horse is an endurance horse. I love this mare and love riding her but I have others to ride so I don't force the endurance on her. A nice casual trail ride is about all she can endure.
Thanks for sharing that, Sandy. I also learned about DSLD through ridecamp which another one of my horses has. It took a long time to diagnose it but once I read about it and showed it to my vet, it all came together.
Lisa Salas, the Odd FArm
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Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2008 11:28 PM
Subject: [RC] re: tying up mystery 7/21/08

I  had a challenging experience with a mare " cramping" at races- the more we conditioned, the more she came into heat. The vets were baffled, as she would cramp, be extremely uncomfortable, but was not
metabolic-heart rates in the 30's to 40's, and not  colicky. for 2 years I consulted vets-Nancy Loving and CSU drew every blood test possible. All levels-se, etc-chemistries, enzymes, etc were normal. One CSU Vet ruled out gastric ulcers, then said " you endurance people never want to accept that some horses are intolerant to exercise ". So, we entered a phase of drawing labs, riding 20-35 miles, then re-drawing labs. they finally believed me that the non-stop heat cycles were the problem. 2 vets said to put on a bovine patch. 2 said do regumate. ( this was not possible with my erratic work schedule ).
 one large animal vet @ CSU was doing a research project of spaying 28 mares with the same complaints-all competition mares, 26 arabs. this was laparoscopic-standing scope-not the hemorrhage complication of open surgery. Zoe had the scope dec 2004-back to work jan 2005, she has never been pulled for cramps since. she also still has a few small, light heat cycles a season-hormonal influence from the adrenal glands.
                                                                            sandy hancock, aerc # 11530
                                                                            ward, colorado

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[RC] re: tying up mystery 7/21/08, ZIRCMOM