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RE: [RC] Stupid Question : Canter - Sarah L. Jarvis

In my experience a deep seat does not necessarily make for a horse that is light on the forehand.  There are plenty of riders out there with a very deep seat driving their horse onto the forehand instead of off of it.  Lightness comes from training the horse to use himself properly (from back to front vs. front to back) and training the horse (and rider) how to properly use the half-halt to help rebalance the horse when he becomes heavy.  Now a deep seat is an important part of the half-halt and that is why the experts say you need to be seated.  However an endurance horse does not require the kind of collection that most of these experts are talking about.  I like my endurance horses to simply be balanced in all three gaits while on the trail.  They need to know how to engage the haunches when I ask such as during downward transitions or going down a hill but they do not need to maintain that engagement the way a dressage horse would in the ring they simply need to be evenly balanced over all four feet.  So, in answer to your original question, I ride the canter outside of the arena mainly in a half-seat (not a two-point as it is too exhausting in the long term for me) and will sit when I need to use my core to rebalance the horse.  Does that make sense or am I as clear as mud?


Sarah L. Jarvis

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Kitley ,
        The experts say by not deep seating ,we are using the front engine rather than the big back engine !? I don't understand the mechanics .For a 160 rides that would consist of so many spells of canter the question is would a 2 pointed stance with a light seat be detrimental to the horse leading to lameness ?Nik here is going deeper into the mud!More confused .

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[RC] Stupid Question : Canter, Nik Isahak Abdullah