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Re: [RC] Internet dialog - Carolyn Loedeman

Karen, I agree wholeheartly with you, I am a retired teacher and on my wall in my class and outside of my office near the gym (health and Phys. Ed teacher) was this saying, "IF YOU CAN'T SAY ANYTHING NICE ABOUT THE PERSON YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT OR TOO, THEN KEEP IT TO YOURSELF"  And have always kept to this and wish more would as well.  thanks Karen, Carolyn Loedeman, OH 

I am a lawyer and a teacher.  Public speaking is not a problem for me.  However, the mean spirit of some of the frequent posters in this group prevents me from posting most of the time.  This is a valuable group with a lot of really good things to say and there is a lot of knowledge held by members who are willing to teach newbies and experienced people alike.  However, most of it gets lost in the nastiness.  I feel bad when I see a new person post to the group, eager to learn, because I know that they will soon see the venom.  It seems that the lesson most taught in this group is that endurance riders are not very nice people, when actually that is not a true statement nor is it representative of most of the people on this list or in the sport. 


Maybe it would help if people would start their post with, "In my experience" and then check themselves as they type, remembering that what they are saying is filtered through the perspective of their experience.  I have started to delete the back and forth posts from people who dissect each others posts.  I used to respect and learn from those people.  Now I roll my eyes and delete them. 


Karen Lynd


Re: [RC] Internet dialog, Karen Lynd