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Re: [RC] public lands grazing - Barbara McCrary

Most of the riding "trails" around our place are old logging roads, haul roads, fire roads or abandoned logging railroad grades.  I have nothing but gratitude for their presence.
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Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2008 2:14 PM
Subject: Fw: [RC] public lands grazing

Barbara is correct, there are fees. and upkeep the ranchers must do.  Forest Service and BLM grazing rights are often tied to a particular ranch.  The regs may have changed but FS permits stayed with the ranch unless the FS pulled the permits, can only be sold to another rancher that already has a permit in that district.  Usually if a rancher buys a ranch he gets the permits, but often the FS has the right to cut the numbers allowed.    I think BLM permits are more flexable.  There is an annual per head grazing fee charged each year.  The fee is (or used to be) based on the market value of livestock.   Fees change with prices.  FS and BLM control how many cattle or sheep can go on and what dates they can start and when they must leave each allotment.   Rancher must maintain the water sources, and all the fences.   They do not get free pasture. 
 I know when you were living in Council, Tammy, and there isn't much BLM but a lot of FS in Adams county.  Don't think it has changed much since. 
There has  been no free grazing since the Taylor Grazing act in the early 30s went in.
Before then is when most of the serious over use of the range took place.
There are a few horses still in the Crane Creek area east of Midvale. There was maybe 100 head, as late as early, mid 80s, but not many now. There are quite a few bands in Owyhee County, and I'm sure in the further eastern counties of Idaho   The corner of Idaho Oregon and Nevada has a lot of "wild" horses.
To make this endurance related,  if it wasn't for the water sources, roads and trails the ranchers keep open, and the loggers as well,  much of our FS/BLM  public land would be unsuitable for endurance rides.   Game trails are not very acceptable to many of our riders.   They were not popular on the rides I put on here. (;>) 

Fw: [RC] public lands grazing, Dot Wiggins