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RE: [RC] Misquoting - heidi

Excuse me,  
It is not OK to misquote/slander people on this site. I responded to a
totally fabricated statement about me personally 
"we need to kick everybody off of it, according to you."  because
nowhere did I say/imply these words. 
Then came the quote "The land belongs to ALL of us." Well, that was the
original topic. 

<sigh>   You say that this is "our" land--and yet you espouse kicking
off the cattlemen, who are part of "us" the public, the owners of the
land.  You as a RIDER don't mind dictating policy for the land--YOU want
to be able to go do YOUR thing on the land, but you don't want to
tolerate another part of the public on it, so it seems.  I agree that it
would not be ok for the cattlemen alone to run the land, because it is
"our" land.  But likewise it is not ok for YOU alone to dictate policy
and to keep THEM off the land--because once again, it is "our" land, and
they are part of "us."  

Although I am not a cattleman, I grew up as a daughter of one, and still
have family running cattle on public ranges.  You could not find better
stewards of the land anywhere.  In my lifetime, the range conditions
have steadily improved as they have worked hand in hand with the
BLM--the ranges now support more wildlife, more varied species of
wildlife, and the grasslands are healthier.  I am not willing to stand
by while people like you slander these good people on a public list. 
They belong out there on the pubic lands just as much as you or I do on
our horses.  

A huge part of the AERC's role in trail preservation is to work hand in
hand with the other users of public lands--and having people lambast
other land users on public lists hampers those efforts.  

Now, will you let this rest?


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