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RE: [RC] [RC] Fwd: Stop Plan to Kill America's Wild Horses - heidi

Guess what.  Ranchers and loggers and people who use their products are owners of the land, too.  And we vote!  The "private gains" are just honest folks making and honest living--and I for one don't have a bit of problem with that.  Go ahead and let it "go wild" if you want--but please don't drive your car, or live in a house with any wood products in it, or use toilet paper, or use highways or sidewalks made with gravel products (those are mined, in case you hadn't noticed), or use your computer (full of all sorts of metals that come from mining on public lands) or read books or newspapers (more forest products), or use cosmetics (beef biproducts) or....   Well, you get the picture. 
Yes, it's "our" land--and thank goodness it is managed wisely so that people who are willing to make an honest living can utilize it to provide "our" life in this country. 
Oh, yeah--don't ride on it either, then--after all, it's "our" land, and we need to kick everybody off of it, according to you.

It's OUR land. If we don't want it exploited, then WE THE PEOPLE WHO OWN IT should vote that way. If the U.S. citizenship does not want the land used for private gains, we should have the right to let it go "wild" and have all the wolves, mtn. lions and feral animals take over. It's OUR land.
If the general public does not care what is done with "our" land, then we will let the government sell millions of acres of pristine, untouched wilderness to private oil companies for their profit (and little relief to the U.S. oil costs). Oh, gee, guess what - it's too late!
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