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RE: [RC] [RC] Fwd: Stop Plan to Kill America's Wild Horses - Kitley, Carrie E Civ USAF AFSPC 30 MDSS/SGSLF

Ok, miss know-it-all . . I didn't start this thread in the first place and if 
you went back and re-read what I said earlier, I see BOTH sides of this issue, 
and I resent you calling my statements ignorant.  I know a lot more about this 
subject than you 'assumed' in your "pointed" post.  Consider the subject 
dropped.  I tried to drop it two posts ago but YOU brought it up again, thank 

Carrie Kitley
30th Medical Group, Vandenberg AFB
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fax dsn 276-1179
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Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2008 4:07 PM
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Subject: RE: [RC] Fwd: Stop Plan to Kill America's Wild Horses

No, it doesn't--and this kind of ignorant assumption is one reason why these 
kinds of discussions don't belong on this list.  But since some of you seem to 
insist on bringing stuff like this up over and over, ad nauseum.....

In much of the West, where there are distinct seasons, grasses grow up that are 
healthier if grazed, and that are a fire hazard if they are not grazed.  It 
really matters very little what species does the grazing--when the season is 
right for the grazing to be done.  But the rangelands are very severely damaged 
when ANY species is left out on it in excess numbers, and particularly when 
there are too many animals during the spring months when the ground is soft and 
the plants are first beginning to grow.

Unlike feral or wild species, cattle can be closely regulated.  Ranchers are 
only allowed to put cattle on the rangelands when the grass is sufficiently 
established in the spring, and are only allowed to leave them there during the 
peak times when there is grass to harvest.  That is simply good resource 

Wild species such as elk and deer are regulated by hunting.  The numbers of 
permits are calculated to remove as many animals as need to be removed for both 
the land and the remaining animals to stay healthy.  They do have to be on the 
land all year around, and the numbers are maintained accordingly.

Feral horses are a whole different story.  They reproduce more effectively than 
many of the wild species.  Their dentition allows them to crop the grasses so 
close to the ground that in tough times, they can completely destroy a 
rangeland if left in sufficient numbers.  They are big enough that in tough 
times, they can out-browse even the elk, destroying even such plants as 
willows.  They are not a popular species to hunt--never mind that the same 
people screaming their heads off about the BLM managing their numbers would 
probably come unglued if hunting licenses were issued so that people could 
shoot them.  The BLM tries to round up enough to manage the numbers--but 
adoption does not keep up with the reproductive rates.  The BLM is stuck with 
these horses in holding facilities, and cannot continue to keep adding to the 
numbers there.

Sure, ranchers pay to run their cattle on the rangelands--that's just good 
fiscal management.  But they also provide a great management tool by grazing 
the land ONLY when it is the right time to graze it.  (And by the way, they own 
the land, too--just as much as you or I do.  But they still have to pay to use 
it, just as you or I pay to use it for recreation or for other purposes.)  But 
the ranchers also do much of the work to develop and maintain watering 
areas--which in turn makes it possible for other species such as the feral 
horses to utilize the same areas.  

Meanwhile, it is really sickening to see a hard-working segment of our 
population that does more to maintain the health of our public resources than 
perhaps any other group in the private sector bashed and bad-mouthed on a 
public list by folks who obviously don't have Clue One about rangeland but 
instead just want to promote an emotional political agenda on a free forum.  
Shame on you.


       Cattle create revenue, wild horses don't. Again . . . it all boils down 
to the mighty friggin' dollar.

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RE: [RC] [RC] Fwd: Stop Plan to Kill America's Wild Horses, heidi