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Re: [RC] Extended Trot - Sharon Levasseur

Zephyr does this, I call it the frog trot. What I THINK he's doing is flinging his legs to the outside in a V-shape (he's a little cowhocked). He definitely lowers his hips closer to the ground. I've measured a 22" overstride and he's only 14.2hh. Of course, he's got the short back to go with it, so 22" isn't really as impressive as it sounds. Here's a picture of him doing it with a friend of mine riding. http://zegifts.com/photos/Beach-002.jpg

I've also seen horses that somehow change how wide their hind legs are apart from the hip right down, and swing them perfectly straight forward and back, wider than their front legs and wider than their back legs usually go in a walk or working trot. Very cool... like pistons!

Anyone else have a picture or video of their own horse, to help aid in this discussion? Pictures and videos are fun, and even moreso when they are Ridecamp horses. :-)

-Sharon L. in Maine

Quoting Sisu West Ranch <ranch@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

".... What I saw on these horses was their front legs all beat up by the back legs hitting the front. ..."

Back in the good ole' days when men were men and horses worked for a living, you could buy a special harness to teach your buggy horse the "passing trot*" where the back legs are spread wide, and miss the front legs. My first endurance horse was a speed quarter horse who taught himself to do this. When his trot hit ~11 mph you could feel the rear end drop, the strides per minute go down, and the speed pick up. I measured from his hoof beats a couple of feet of over stride.

It was extremely comfortable to ride, and apparently comfortable and efficient for him.


*My farrier who was born in the Amish tradition, taught me this term. Ed & Wendy Hauser 2994 Mittower Road Victor, MT 59875

(406) 642-9640


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[RC] Extended Trot, Peggy B-Smith
Re: [RC] Extended Trot, Sisu West Ranch