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Re: [RC] Who rides english saddles ? - Truman Prevatt

Another options is to get an English saddle with adjustable stirrup bars. That will allow you to adjust the placement of you stirrup (up and back) to accommodate for you and your horse. The horse can make a big difference where related to the correct placement of the stirrup (front to back) for the best balanced riding position. I have one horse that I can ride with a dressage saddle just fine but am uncomfortable in the more forward placement on my all purpose saddle. I have another one that is just the opposite - with a dressage saddle I am behind his trot but with an all purpose we are fine.

The adjustable bar would allow me to ride both horses with one saddle.


Ranelle Rubin wrote:

One option for you might be one of the many treeless saddles that allow front-to-back movement of stirrup placement. I have owned two different kinds, and ridden in two others. Here are my personal observations. I do not work for any of the companies. I have represented one in the AERC booth, but only as a rider/user of their product with no commission for selling saddles. (I always want to know who has what to gain when I hear opinions of others re:products). Treeless saddles are not for everyone, and they certainly are not for every horse. I was forced to consider them due to my horse's back. It is as wide as a draft horse and short as a Welch pony. It has worked well for him so far.


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[RC] Who rides english saddles ?, Diana Peterson
RE: [RC] Who rides english saddles ?, Ranelle Rubin