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RE: [RC] Who rides english saddles ? - Ranelle Rubin


One option for you might be one of the many treeless saddles that allow front-to-back movement of stirrup placement. I have owned two different kinds, and ridden in two others. Here are my personal observations. I do not work for any of the companies. I have represented one in the AERC booth, but only as a rider/user of their product with no commission for selling saddles. (I always want to know who has what to gain when I hear opinions of others re:products). Treeless saddles are not for everyone, and they certainly are not for every horse. I was forced to consider them due to my horse's back. It is as wide as a draft horse and short as a Welch pony. It has worked well for him so far.

Freeform Classic-loved the fit for me, overall it fit my horse until he "grew withers". He was 6 when I switched to it, and within a year, the pressure on the base of his withers was evidence enough for me to switch to:

Bandos: love it..and it works well for my horse. Very similar to the Freeform, only it has a pommel that allows for wither clearance, and the "plate" that the stirrups hang off of under the seat is much larger, allowing for the weight of the rider to be dispersed on a larger area of the back. I just bought a second one for my other horse (half brother to my first horse with same build).

Bob Marshall: only rode in it once..did not care for it. It did not have really any "twist"..felt like I was sitting directly on the horse's back-also does not allow for movement of the stirrup position.

Barefoot Cheyenne-pretty much the same as the Bob Marshall..not much between me and the horse.

Good luck!

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From: diana2507@xxxxxxxxxxx
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [RC] Who rides english saddles ?
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 16:02:19 -0500

Hi Ridecampers
I have a little problem.
I ride a Ellips Dressage (Arabian Saddle Company ) saddle on my polish arab. The saddle fits me GREAT in the seat and
i feel really secure . BUT even with the stirrups in the furthest back position , I cant   get my legs under me.
So ..my question is ..(. do i need to sell my saddle?) .
Do  the " endurnace " typ enghlish saddles have the stirrups further back then my dressage saddle ?
and  what kind of english saddle would i buy to get my legs further back under me ?
I don't really know if this question is stupid. Just humor me. :-~
Diana TX

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[RC] Who rides english saddles ?, Diana Peterson