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[RC] LD and Placings - Karen Standefer

I recently attended an LD ride with my new horse as his very first ever ride.  The entry had the following comments which I whole heartedly agree with: 


"We will NOT be providing best condition or placing awards to the 25 mile or 10 mile distance riders, as this ride’s management views these distances as TRAINING and not as competition."


However, when the ride shows up in my horse's history, it shows us as completing in 1st place which really miffed me (I don't want anyone thinking I rode my horse that fast in his very first ever ride).   So, then I pulled up the results from the ride and discovered that the records showed us all as being first place with exactly the same ride time........all 23 of us!!! 


This strikes me as wrong.  I don't really care if I got any recognition for placements at the ride (I feel sure we were toward the back of the completions).  But, I would like my ride time because I DO consider the LD as a training ride and I'd like to have a history of it as such. 


I guess what I'm looking for is consensus?  Shouldn't this be changed?  I'm assuming this is part of the new LD rules that went into affect this year. 


I also would like to discuss being able to get out vet cards.  It's near impossible to commit all of the information on them to memory to be able to record later.  Why can't we have our vet cards anymore?  Are they really more valuable to AERC than they are to us?  If so, can’t there be some way that we can have a copy or something?????  It’s just not right that we don’t have a record of how the horse faired during the ride.