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Re: [RC] [RC] effects of being toed-in for endurance - Cindy Stafford

Oh good - good to know!
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Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 11:49 AM
To: Cindy Stafford
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Subject: RE: [RC] effects of being toed-in for endurance
It didn't slow RO Grand Sultan ("Rio") down very much!
Although I wouldn't want a prospect that was extremely toed in, I'd prefer slightly toed in to toed out, because the toed in horse will travel clear of his own front feet without interfering.
Personally, I put a lot more store by overall balance and body than on minor leg faults--the poor-bodied horse will often trash even the best set of legs, compensating for his lack of balance and agility, and often compensating for a dysfunctionl back as well.  A well-balanced horse, on the other hand, will travel more efficiently and will put far less stress on his legs and joints, allowing him to get by with minor faults.

Hi all - was hoping to learn from your experience again.  Am still shopping for my next endurance horse and have come across one that is slightly toed in in front.  not just the hoof itself, but the pastern as well a little.  I'm wondering what might be the long term effects of this on teh horse over many miles?  Any of you have a horse with this issue and are still competing with no probs?  If you're a vet, can you tell me if this is a minor thing or a major?  I do plan on getting a pre-purchase vet exam, but didn't think that would give me a long term view of things, plus the horse has only been a year under saddle and lightly ridden.
I do know of a couple of horses that have competed well and are a bit toed in, but don't have oodles of miles behind them, so am not sure what it does long term.