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Re: [RC] re: NOT married because of horses... - Lysane Cree

I never understood that 'you love your horse more' thing. That's just insecurity on their part because it's totally different. Yes, I totally love my horse, she's my buddy, my trail partner and I understand her when a lot of other people don't. She's smart and feisty, can be high strung and opinionated, but is also a very reliable and safe ride. I've raised her since she was a baby and I totally love her and would be devastated if something happened to her. BUT it's not the exact same relationship as I have with my human partner, who I also would not want to be without. And your human partner needs to be mature/confident enough to get that. I love them equally in their own ways. And their is enough love to go around, it's not like there is a limit that will run out. lol
But like I said, if forced to choose...you don't want to go there. Mainly because I think if someone forces you to choose between them and the core of what makes you 'you", then there is a big problem in the relationship.

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When these guys whine about us loving our horses more than them, they don't understand that there is a GOOD reason we love our horses more.  It's not the horse, mister!  If / When I find the right man, you bet I'll love him more than my horses.  He'll also understand that I've known and worked with my horses longer than him so he'll just have to step up if he wants to get *my* attention.  Trouble is, most the guys (notice, I didn't say MEN) around here don't want to work that hard.
A good man is harder to find as a good horse...and is worth infinitely more!

aarenex@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
This is a story we tell a LOT in our camp, about a friend of mine who had dated a fellow for a long time (several years).  One night he sat down with her and said, "You will always love *that horse* more than you love me."
She was telling me this story, and I said, "Yeah.  So?"
Apparently, that's what SHE said to him.   And he couldn't live with that, and broke up with her. 
I was telling the story to Jim when I first met him (we've been together nearly 8 years now).  And he said, "Yeah.  So?"
He's a keeper, that's what I say!  
BTW, my friend married somebody else.  Good for her!
--Aarene in yes-it's-raining-again-dangit Northwest Washington State
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