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Re: [RC] Ride entry prices - Diane Trefethen

If all ride entries include Sat dinner for the rider and $20 is not refunded after the meal orders go in, then that meal is paid for whether or not the rider shows.

how much food do you buy and prepare.
As much as is paid for on Sat and half again as much as is paid for on Fri. If you have a Fri night dinner that is good cold, then any not sold Fri become lunches to sell on Sat or extras for a Sat overflow at the Ride Dinner, if such be the case.

If you plan for 100 and 50 show...
You plan for 100 because 100 pay. If 50 don't show, the RM doesn't take a loss because those remaining 50 meals have already been paid for. In fact, there's an opportunity to sell them again to people who didn't buy extras.

On the other hand, if you plan for 50 and 100 show, the extra 50 will have to buy their meals at serving time IF there are any available. If this is spelled out in the flyer, what's the problem? It is only a problem if your thinking is that everyone who shows up is entitled to a meal, whether they've said they want one, AND PAID FOR IT, or not, so the RM *must* buy enough for all those that didn't commit to a meal. Well, no they are not entitled. They either sign up and pay or catch as catch can.

Not everyone has the luxury to do a nose count on Friday at 5 and have someone cater a meal at Friday at 7 or even Saturday.
That's just plain silly, again a result of thinking that every rider is entitled to a meal if meals are available to those who paid. Ridiculous!

The thing is that we've gotten so used to bringing our own because it is easy to do with LQs and RVs that we no longer think along the lines of economy of scale. If most riders COME TO A RIDE NO FRILLS, then the ride itself doesn't have to BE no frills. The gas saved hauling a 2-horse over an LQ would pay for meals, fancy completion awards and still cost less.

As long as I have a pretty well marked trail with plenty of water for
the horses and good vets - I am happy.
But apparently others are not or we wouldn't be having this discussion.


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