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Re: [RC] Reminder about deadline for wt/region changes - Diane Trefethen

Michael Maul wrote:
I was waiting for this response as something similar happened last year.....

Mike - I see you recognize a crusader when you see one :)

I agree - it's not a rule in the wt division changes. It's a *policy* that's been there for a long time. I don't have any idea when it started. Perhaps Bob M or Randy know.

Ok, so now we have established that the wt division/May 31 thing is a *policy*. And, in case you haven't already guessed, I am VERY opposed to a "policy" that has so much clout that it can cause a rider to lose mileage but isn't in the rules.

Next question. Is is a good policy or a bad one? There are two techniques to help answer that question. 1) Weigh the upside and the downside of a) having the policy and b) not having the policy and 2) Determine the impact (how many people will be affected) of each. I'll start with the upside and downside of having the policy as posted by Mike, plus one additional upside and downside:

"With policy" upside:
1u.  You don't have to change your wt class if you lose weight.
2u.  AERC makes it possible for you not to carry the extra
weight by allowing you to change your weight division and
picked mid-year as last time you could do that.
[Note:  AERC is this case = Auburn office]
3u.  In principle - if you completed lots of rides
and did well, you could have awards in two wt divisions.
4u.  Coding riders is easier for AERC office staff.

"With policy" downside:
1d. ...You can carry weight to reach the minimum for the
division. You are not required to do this but if you don't -
you risk losing your points and miles for the whole
season if challenged.
2d. If you do change weight divisions, your points will now be in
two different divisions and cannot be combined for year end
regional awards.
3d. If you lose weight after June 1 and no longer meet the minimum, you run a risk (of #1d above) if you don't carry weight.
4d) Policy not in Rules so most riders don't realize they could lose mileage.

"With policy" impact
1i. Top riders in each wt div must stay in same div over the
course of the season to have the best chance of winning
an award, ie, they must carry weights if they drop below
the minimum.
2i. "It could affect another [top] rider's points though if you
rode infrequently and placed well..."
3i. Riders not going for year end awards could lose all their
miles and points for the season for not knowing they had to
carry weights.
4i) Upsides apply only to the AERC office staff and a handful of top riders, downsides apply to all the rest of us.

In short, this policy does not enhance a good but not great top rider's chances of winning anything, endangers an average rider's miles for the season and makes the bookkeeping in Auburn easier.

"Without policy" upside:
1u) Same as 1u and 2u above for "With policy".
2u) No matter what your weight, you enter the div you are eligible for.
3u) As long as you declare your real weight on your entry form, you can't lose mileage.
4u) Never have to carry weights if you declare your real weight.

"Without policy" downside:
1d) Same as 2d above for "With policy".
2d) AERC office will have to code the wt div of each rider for each ride instead of using the pre-entered div frozen as of May 31.

"Without policy" impact:
1i) Top riders - no difference. Everything they do with the policy can be done without it.
2i) Riders not going for awards - can't lose mileage for declaring their correct weight.
3i) More time needed by Auburn staff to code rides.
4i) Upsides apply to all riders, downsides apply to the AERC office and top riders.

In short, not having the policy will have no effect on those riding for awards, will protect the average rider from the possibility of losing mileage and will force the Auburn office to spend more time coding riders.

If anyone wants to add points to one of the 6 categories above, please do. Based on the above, I want the "policy" to be rescinded. However, if someone has more info that would substantially change the picture, I would certainly be willing to reconsider my "vote".

Diane Trefethen
AERC #2691


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Re: [RC] Reminder about deadline for wt/region changes, Michael Maul