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[RC] My Helmet Test - Tx Trigger

Paul, SOOOO glad you are around to tell us about your little mishap. Could have been worst.
One of the worst falls I took off of my horse, was in my own pasture, riding Hank at a walk. He did a little spook at the dog, which changed into an imitation of an NFR saddle bronc. We parted ways at the height of the third sky high buck. Landed on tailbone, then slammed my helmeted head into the ground hard enough to crack it. I too, managed a short ride to make sure both of us could work through the incident, before I was starting to get sore, and the lovely bruise started to form.
Like you Paul, I have ridden some pretty tough, challenging trails and situations over the years, before I knew the importance of my hard head....which would not be hard enough to handle some of the things my helmet has hit. Thanks for the story Paul, and the reminder. Hug your wife for us.  :-)