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RE: [RC] [RC] re: new topic - bobmorris

This thread has intrigued me a bit.


Having been associated with endurance riding, breeding, conditioning, training and riding endurance horses I find that there is a completely different mind set within the endurance horse owners these days.


We, and many others who were in the game did not have the “benefits” (???) of the current modes of communication, research avenues and multitude of “go fast goods” that are the current fashion.


We looked for horses that could stand the rigors of living on forage, water, stock salt and a minimum of grain and still be successful endurance competitors. Today the search is not for the adaptive horse but the adaptive pharmaceuticals that will enable any horse to do a ride.


The body of posters today is decrying the fit and breeding of TB’s, but are pushing the endurance horse in the same direction. There is no thought of sidelining the unfit horse these days. The question is “what can I find that will enable me to use what I have, suitable or not”.


It used to be the supplement page(s) of the vet supply catalogs had a few items to sell. Now there is page after page after page of “go fast goodies”. When is the current crop of riders going to realize that it is the horse, the breeding and the knowledgeable rider that formulates success and not the can, bottle or package?


Bob Morris


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No need to apologize or take a back seat to your stand.  You have every right to your opinion and what works for your horse as anyone else on this list.  Being informative is just that being informative.  It is up to each and every individual to process that information in their own way.  And if one is offended or doesn't appreciate the information - that is what the delete button is for. 


You keep bringing your input!  I love the interaction and I think that most people here do as well.  I honestly believe it is what keeps our Ride Camp community a viable one!  We are most passionate about that which we value a great deal in our lives - health and well being of your beloved equine!



<Still regardless thanks for the inputs that were related and for the "safegrass" website which is really informative if you are planting pasture.>

Re: [RC] [RC] re: new topic, D'Arcy Demianoff-Thompson