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Re: [RC] [RC] Dubai Times - Truman Prevatt

Hmmmmmmmmmm...........Tour de Dubai?


Maryanne Gabbani wrote:
In as much as any drugging scandal will have to come from the FEI, and the UAE own the FEI, it's highly unlikely that you will hear about anything substantial, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the vast sums of money being spent on research in the Gulf are only on exercise and diet....


On Jan 12, 2008 7:48 PM, Richard Sacks <rsacks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:rsacks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    I have to agree with Nik. I am just blown away at the time. And it
    doesn't appear that these horses are one shot wonders. Most of the
    horses were 7-14 years old. So much for the argument of running
    them into to the ground especially when the winning horses pulses
    down to 49 bpm). It can't be that they are breeding the best
    horses in the world and keeping them for themselves because they
    would have had to set out ten years ago to reach this goal.
    Incredible. It really has to be in their training program. Unless
    somewhere along the way we'll hear about a drug scandal al la US
    baseball. I hope they have high beams to signal that they are
    passing me on the left as I go about my 6.5 mph in the slow lane!

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[RC] Dubai Times, Richard Sacks
Re: [RC] [RC] Dubai Times, Maryanne Gabbani