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Re: [RC] Treeless Saddle Anyone? - desertrydr1

Val, go over to the treeless saddle group http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/treelesssaddles on Yahoo for lots of info, and matter of fact, the list moderator, Karen, has started a list of people who would be willing to allow others to try thier saddles, under various conditions.  I personally have three, a Torsion, a Sensation and a Freeform, and I believe it would take more than a ride or two to establish how well the saddle suits horse and rider, however a short trial may tell you whether that's the reason for the horse's unhappiness.  Unfortunately, I live in E.WA state, so it's gonna be hard to lend you a saddle.  One of my conditions on the list is I will only loan a saddle in my presence.  But I know lots of good trails, and would let someone go out in my saddle several times if I get to ride along. 

There are so many issues that go into the fitting of treeless saddles, one of the most important being the pad you use.  Some vendors have found that one pad works better with their saddle.  Chris at Freeform prefers the Haf pad.  I bought one, and have had no issues with it so far.  The Skito is another pad that works well with a lot of treeless saddles. 
There is also the issue of treeless saddles for HW riders.  Some seem better suited than others to bigger riders.  There has been a lot of discussion on the group archives about that issue.  If this is a new horse for him, I guess I ownder why you got him such a small horse.  While my 14.2H Arab packed me a lot of miles, LD's plus too many conditioning miles, I ride as a LW.  I don't know how she would have done if I threw another 50-60 lbs. on her.  I think she would have objected too.  Of course, it all depends on the horse, their conformation and back, and the rider's skill. 

The Great Saddle Hunt is both exciting and frustrating.  Best of luck, I hope you figure out what your mare.  jeri

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[RC] Treeless Saddle Anyone?, Val Nicoson