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Re: [RC] Don't touch my mouth!!!! Testing capillary refill. - Truman Prevatt

Or maybe a vet with a bigger attitude. At a ride many moons ago, there was young vet. It was a female of short stature. The Jbird for what ever reason decided that she was not going to look in his mouth and since she was short and he is tall all he would have to do was raise his head so she could not reach it. He was belligerent - she just wasn't going to look in his mouth. The other vet was a male and no problem. We managed to get through that ride somehow.

The next week at River Run, Megan Davis was checking him in. I told Megan about his new found disdain for women vets. She made a comment that it would not be a problem, and before he knew it his gums were checked. He was actually a little incensed but no problems since then.

It would be better to work on the problem at home, but unless he is belligerent and dangrous about it you might take him to a ride take him up to check in when the vet has plenty of time and tell them what is going on. Most vets will work with you.

Mellifluous wrote:
I have an older mare that I was thinking of conditioning up so that my friend can do some LDs with me. She has fabulous ground manners and is very sweet until you try to touch her mouth. Her previous owners really did a number on her mouth and she will NOT let you even get close to touching her mouth unless she is sedated. Trust me, I have tried to work her through her fears with a variety of methods with little success. So, instead of pushing the issue, I ride her in a hackamore and squirt her wormer on her feed.
Is there any other way that the vets can check capiallary refill besides pressing on her gums. Even if they could get their fingers in her mouth, they would be hard pressed to keep them their long enough to tell what is going on. This is the only obstacle I have to entering this mare in an LD.

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[RC] Don't touch my mouth!!!! Testing capillary refill., Mellifluous