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Re: [RC] Wild Horses/BLM adoptions - jorudo

oddfarm <jsalas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The BLM sucks when it comes to the management of horses. ANY suggestion is
better that what they are already doing. Or not doing. I am not a
"bleeding-heart" but I have seen first hand what a crappy job the BLM does
in their "adoption" program. They don't give a s*&% who they adopt to, as
long as the animal is off their ledger. Just Google "mustangs" and you will
see all the "second chance" farms of people who have taken in the horses the
BLM placed with idiots to begin with. Did you know that now they have a
foster program? Anyone who has adopted a mustang before can now get one,two,
or three for free! The BLM does NOT verify that the adopter took care of the
first horse, nor do they care. They just want to get rid of them. They don't
even follow their own rules of ownership by verifying applications. Oh,
maybe one out of a few thousand. Big deal.
All right, my dander is up. I have adopted a mustang from a BLM auction, and I have given him a very good home. I am not an idiot! And who are you to determine what proficiency level is "idiot"? How is the BLM supposed to determine a person's competence with horses - go live and ride with them for a month?
The process I had to go thru was MUCH MORE EXTENSIVE than any thing I ever had to do for buying a horse from John Doe. The BLM DID send someone out to verify that the info on my application was correct, and check out my facility to make sure I met their requirements for the safety of the animal. The people I know in my area who adopted also went thru the same process. The BLM DID follow up during the ensuing year, and before I could obtain ownwership papers, I had to have a livestock officer or vet verify in writing that the horse was in good condition.
Just for my own info, I did google "mustangs". It came up with 6.9 MILLION sites for mustangs, starting with Ford cars and P-51 planes. If you want people to do research, narrow the category down. I, for one, am not going to look thru that many sites to find what you're talking about.There are second chance farms, horse rescues, etc for all kinds of horses, no matter their origin.
I'm intrigued with your comment that a person who has adopted before can now get 1 - 3 horses for free. I hadn't heard that, and have just checked the BLM Wild Horse and Burro website. As far as what they put on the website, nothing backs that statement up, that I could find. I know that what goes on behind closed doors can often be different than what the official representation is. Since I have a contact in the BLM in Nevada, I've emailed her to see if she can point me in the direction to get info on that program. I might be interested.
Jo Anne

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