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[RC] okay new topic - Kathie Ford

Okay, I have a new topic and I'm not sure if it's been on RC at all so here goes.
I am wondering about the sugar content in hays. Specifically grass hays. I was just told that Rye grass has a ton of sugar in it. I was also told that it had a lot estrogen in it.
I am asking this because I've micro-managed my mare for several years now and she had a tie-up yesterday after just walking in the arena "on the buckle"  so to speak a few laps both directions, some work in the bridle, then out for a walk.
Only things different this year from the past is that I had her on my neighbors pasture more this year and due to hay costs had to switch her to Rye grass which was cheaper. I did this about 4 days post ride. Her appetite is very good. She just did her first 50 of the year successfully, healty, sound with uneventful recovery.
So, after 11 days off (too long I know but preoccupied w/selling our home) I finally got to take her out. Was extremely mild exercise but she tied-up. We were just taking a nice walk.
I was so distraught. She got thru the night okay, EDPP okay and she's walking all over. No dark pee this am or today but I did miss her pee yesterday when I went to get a hose to fill the water bucket for her. I really needed to see that.
Anyway what brings up this hay topic is that I want to research more hays. I usually don't give her Rye grass because of what I thought was high estrogen levels.  I had no idea it had a really high sugar content. I don't know if either of these are factual.
Thus, anybody know for sure the variations of sugars/carbos in grass hays? One vs. the other?  Her usual is all mixed up. Meadow, orchard (1st cutting preferred), teff, timothy when not too expensive etc.  Some alf/orchard mix but I 'm not a fan of alfalfa.
Also, my mare never ever has grain, no oats barley, etc. No oat hay etc. I do give her Ultium but it increases and decreases pending her work load. She gets lots of rest too. . She gets loose trace salt and minerals free choice and hay 24/7 or pasture (this year)
I looked on Susans page and my mare really didnt' fit any of the criteria but I did note selenium and potassion depletion.  I did run out of selenium mid summer but didn't worry as we wern't doing rides and were riding just for fun.  I did put her back on one and the vet told me that it was fat soluable so she should be okay within a week or so. I had called him about it about 2 weeks prior to her first 50 which she did well w/no muscle issues or anything whatsoever.
My mare thankfully is peeing yellow, EDPP and walking around quite a bit, but her muscles on the LR are still hard so wil be a recovery period in which I will proceed carefully and thoughtfully. She is a wonderful mare and loves her job.
So, back to the sugars/carbs in grass hays. What do you all know and can share?
thanks kathie

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