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RE: [RC] [RC] Ho Boy! Here comes PeTA! - D'Arcy L. Demianoff-Thompson

The fact of the matter is that the licensing requirement for owners/trainers/jockeys is already in place.  Grooms/stall cleaners are also required to have a license.   Personally, I find it far more important for the Groom Staff to know all about the anatomy of a horse.  Why?  Because they spend a greater amount of time with the horse at the track.  I don’t want a stall cleaner knocking my horse around and creating the start of an injury that is further  exasperated by training.  Because the licensing structure is already in place - licensing could be implemented to articulate certain course levels that must be completed – prior to licensing. 


If anyone has gotten an owners/trainers license at any track in the US, I was licensed in CA and DE last year, Keith in CA, DE, and TX up until this year (no one on the track right now).  It is a grueling process.  And those racing secretaries don’t back down for anything when it comes to getting the necessary paperwork and finger prints in! 


Do I ‘trust’ the governing bodies, as a whole, absolutely not!  Look what just happened in NY with the Chairman of the Racing Board!  Point here is there has to be a starting point.  I’d feel a whole lot happier if my horses are with a trainer, at the track, that has a clue about anatomy!  Which, my trainer, Lynn Ashby, absolute does! 


As far as a horse being ‘powerful enough to break themselves down’ – the point is not to have them break down!  They can be as powerful as they want.  Doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if their bodies are massive and their legs are spindles! 


The entire point is to focus attention and support onto the breeding practices.  Insure the issues of bone density are addressed and then go to training methods, practices and procedures.  Is it realistic to think that we can ‘insure’ there is a governing body in place, and monitoring, and implementing procedure – no!  However, the public opinion polls are better handled when ‘they’ think something is in place!  It is up to the rest of us who are one on one with the horses to insure we are doing right, at all times, in the best interest of the horse, to preserve and protect! 



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