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Re: [RC] the more money we come across, the more problems we see - Barbara Moulton

grrrrrrrrrr..... early morning news is going on and on
about every racing problem except baby abuse ...NOW
they are saying those TB are bred just too fast for
their legs and those thin legs are so fragile and they
are inbred too- change the tracks to synthetic and
don't inbreed so much will be well.

Back to the recent thread on the HPT trim re: the NV
course this coming Memorial Day week- KC teaches to
analyse the  "spectrum of usabilty" as the scale to
what activity your horse is structurally capable of
without immediette or long term damage- DO NO HARM. 
He doesn't believe any horse is capable of high stress
work until all 10 hoof structures are fit for the job
expected. Everthing is connected... If you exceed the
hoof spectrum the connecting structures (
tendon/bone/joints) all get overwhelmed.  Something
will fail, if you shoe for soundness then steel shoes
prevent the hoof wall from the natural responses to
stress so the training lameness expected from
exceeding the spectrum with babies just moves up the
leg to the weakest link for each particluar horse.

 My friend Karen who used to race paints was telling
me Friday about the $500. a hoof custom shoes/pad
system that Big Brown was wearing and I told her if he
needs that level of  "artificial" support then he is
NOT sound to run/race. We argue a lot about racing and
she is a good sport about it but sadly the facts are
on my side.  I heard about the derby on the radio and
as soon as they said tragedy and details were coming
up next-I guessed it was Big Brown who went down.

On his web page eqinepodiatry.net there is a link to a
UK racing stable which is becoming very sucessful
buying slow racing rejects for peanuts then
rehabilitating them and restarting them as more mature
horse on sound BARE feet in front and shod in back-
they have this really cool cool salt water treadmill

Barbara in idaho

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Re: [RC] the more money we come across, the more problems we see, desertrydr1