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Re: [RC] Teams - Tom Sites

Hello David,  I don't think there is anything being proposed.  Its just discussion on the merits of team building.
I just read that in Europe the price of gas is over $8 a gallon.  We don't hear them crying about the price of gas.  They have smaller vehicles and trailers and better mass transportation and other benefits from their gov'tments from the taxes.  If we would/could buddy up we could get to rides a little cheaper.  We here have the mentality that if we want to take our freightliner and mega trailer to a cross country ride w/ one horse we don't want to hinder ourselves w/ 'company' as its an inconvience.  To some money is no object.
Its heartening to hear that the Pacific NW already has in effect a Team Concept.  If there is any proposal, then let it come from there as you already have the kinks knocked out and the thrill brought in.  ts
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I don?t know what they?re proposing, but we have teams here in the NW ? some are fiercely competitive, others are social organizations and just for fun. Seems to help people get to a lot of rides. The way we work it is that there?s 15 to a team, 3 completions in any distance on the same ride gains points. The really active teams sometimes get points in 2 or even 3 distances in the same ride.


We have a lot of fun with it ? might have the same benefits nationally.


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I doubt AERC will initiate Teams as another Award.  There are already to many anyway.  It seems we must have 100 winners for awards already.  There are already a few AERC events that have or had a Team Award.  The ROC and the OD are first 2 that come to mind.


As i said it is a novel way to get a finishing criteria geared towards a goal.  Its strange but i think FEI has something here and i pretty much gave up on the FEI hassle but still think this is a good way to build commardrie and team playing geared towards finishing.  I wish the USA FEI Squad played more Team and wasn't predicated on the individual.ts

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