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Re: [RC] [RC] Electrolytes - Truman Prevatt

That's really not that hot. That's pretty much normal in the SE in the late spring and early fall rides and you can get that in Florida in the winter. Now 80 degrees with fog (100% humidity) at sunrise is a different story. I've been to too many of those to not use some electrolyte supplementation - at least for 50 miles and up.


Mellifluous wrote:
I am wondering about people in the Southeast who ride in the high humidity? I always assumed that horses competing in this climate needed e-lytes at rides? When I worked as a weekend feeder at a local h/j barn, they kept the horses on powedered e-lytes in their feed through the summer. I am inexperienced and have always given my horse electrolytes in their feed the week before the ride and will give them paste electrolytes at the ride if they are drinking well. I am only doing LDs so maybe this is overkill.
I may try doing without at my next ride just to see how it goes. I am expecting temps in the mid eighties and humidity at a minimum of 70%.
I have so much to learn!!!

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