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[RC] Solution to living in lion country - Melissa Margetts Ms. Kitty

Rannell, in the quote at the bottom of your post, you have answered your own question. /Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. ~ John Wayne/
We DO have choices that we make everyday. We CAN choose to live in areas of the country or the world that are sterile or almost devoid of what frightens us, but it usually comes with an exchange of something that is probably more dangerous or frightening. So if you choose to live in the foothills of Auburn instead of a highrise in downtown L.A., then you probably have chosen the beauty and danger associated with THAT area, instead of the possibilites of encountering a meth addicted, knife weilding, two-legged predator while getting out of your car in the city. You just chose one risk over another because the beauty and benefits soooo outweigh the risks. Me too. I ski, even though I can break a leg. I kayak, even though I know I can drown. I rock climb, even though I know I can get pummeled from a falling rock from above. I ride horses, even though I know I can get dumped off. I pet dogs, even though I know I can get bitten ( even a chihuaua will bite). I fly, even though the plane could go down (and it makes no logical sense to me how something like a 747 can even stay up there anyway!) I drive, even though I know I might get into a crash. I buy gas for my car, even though my friends son died in Iraq last year fighting over some distant oil fields.I sing, even though I can't carry a tune. I love, even though my heart can get broken. I drink diet soda, even though I know it can cause cancer. I eat meat, even though I know how it got on my plate and have chosen to be the omnivore I was born to be. I "own" another living being, my horse, and put a metal bit in his mouth to ride him where I WANT TO GO. So what I'm saying is, we all make our own personal choices every day about our impact on ourselves and others . It all comes down to personal choice and our own "scale" of what risks, make an experience worthwhile or not.


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