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[RC] OT: some links on pronghorn antelope and fences - Cindy Collins

Here'a another interesting site/somment:

Topic: Wildlife

Expert: Lou Jurs
Date: 9/22/2004
Subject: pronghorn

Is it true that pronghorns can't or won't jump over a fence??

Hi, Mike...
The short answer is "yes".? In general, pronghorns do not prefer jumping over, but going under. The long answer is "mostly, but not always".? Public land agencies have fence guidelines for pronghorn habitat that require a 15" space under the lowest wire, to allow passage.? I have seen pronghorn jump fences, however; so it is not a "never-ever" situation.? When a group is stuck in a fence corner, for example, one member will sometimes jump over...then some others may follow. Normally, they will just follow a fence until they can get under or through an open gate.? One of the problems with pronghorn is that when they are running in a group and come to a barbed wire fence, they do not seem to notice it...and will run full tilt into the fence. This can cause broken necks. This is especially true if a new fence is built across a wide expanse of habitat.
Anyway...hope this answers your question.


Cindy Collins