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RE: [RC] The Old Way (was: Spanish Mustangs) - heidi

Well, Kat, you are talking individual owners taking a moral and financial 
responsibility to have their individual horse euthanized on their property. 
That is what we want!  But this thread is about people creating/accumulating 
more horses than they have a plan for, and passing their responsibility to 
others, by just sending the horse down the road to auction or abandoning 

Well, actually, Terry, Kat is talking about the fact that YOU stated (in this 
thread!) that "urbanization" made it impossible to have local slaughter 
facilities, and she is pointing out that that is not the case--the problem is 
that people (like you, judging from your scores of past posts on the subject) 
have pressured Congress to pass laws making it illegal to slaughter horses for 

She would like to be able to make the same "moral and financial responsiblity" 
and have her horse put down by the local butcher, the option for which IS FULLY 
AVAILABLE TO MOST OF US FOR OTHER SPECIES despite urbanization (ie your 
argument about that is full of holes).  If it were not for a bunch of bleeding 
hearts who have turned veterinarians into "Dr. Death" (and Kat is right 
again--vets would much prefer being able to concentrate on life rather than 
being the harbingers of death) that "moral and financial" option would still be 
available for responsible owners to end the lives of their horses, rather than 
be forced by legislation to accumulate them because there are frequently no 
other options (one thing urbanization HAS done is remove many of the options 
for burial or for simply leaving a shot carcass out for nature's scavengers to 
dispose of), and finally resort to turning them loose because people like 
yourself have legislated away one of the more efficient means of taking "moral 
and financial responsibility."

I concede that there are "collectors" of horses that are pathological.  Those 
are the ones that make the news--but those are not the ones who make up the 
bulk of the slaughter population.  There are already laws in place that allow 
prosecution of people who neglect and abuse horses--we don't need MORE laws for 
that.  But what we are seeing now is that we cannot enforce such laws, because 
people like you have so burdened the enforcement system with abandoned horses 
by REMOVING a means of "moral and financial responsibility" for getting rid of 
horses that have no function that there will be more and more horses suffering 
for lack of enforcement, since enforcement is swamped.

Congratulations, Terry.  We are now reaping what you have sowed.



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