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[RC] Soaking/straining beet pulp - Beth Leggieri

I can't claim ownership of this idea--saw it on Karen Chaton's website at Easy Care.
To further clean beet pulp after soaking it, I'm now doing the following.  Bought a wire mesh waste basket at the dollar store.  It fits nicely into a large bucket (such as a Strongid bucket or a large plastic feed bucket).  After soaking the beet pulp in the wire basket (in the bucket), I lift the basket out, the soak water straining through the basket.  I put the basket in a clean bucket of water and strain it again.  The water run-off is pretty clear by then. 
Would be curious if that method might help clean up this darker batch of beet pulp that Val ran into.
Beth in Texas

Valerie Nicoson <hotgrey2trot@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Talked to our local feed lady today about the possibility of getting BP without any molasses and doesn't look like that will be possible.  They said they would need to order an entire trailer of 25 pallets of it to last throughout the year.  Right now the feed coop is only using 7 pallets/year with all their customers.  Claims that BP is hard to find May thru Dec...but that it's easier to get Jan-Apr...has anyone ever heard this before?? 

Was also told that BP doesn't keep very long without the molasses being added to it.  They've had customers say their horses won't eat it without the molasses.  I wouldn't know as I've never been able to get it without molasses to begin with.  I thought BP was always dried and thus a stable product even without the molasses.  She claims that the BP provides a special coating on the BP preventing it from going bad.  Now, before anyone flames me for this...I am having difficulty believing what I am being told about this.  I know lots of you use BP and thought I'd post here for you experts on the subject.

Then she adds that if I'm concerned about the sugar content to not worry...that the sugar content is so small that it doesn't even register when tested per the manufacturer.  That soaking it leaches out the sugar...I said only if it is drained/rinsed...otherwise the horses still get the sugars when eating it.  Not according to her.

So does anyone have any thoughts as to how long BP remains good without molasses added to it? 

I called today because our current bag of BP is alot darker than previous batches.  Instead of the normal grayish color it is a darker tan.  Takes longer to soak as well.  What's up with that???

Thanks for any insight into this,
Val  (in IL just east of St Louis MO)

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[RC] Beet Pulp with/without Molasses, Valerie Nicoson