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[RC] AAA and horse trailers (was heads up...) - k s swigart

Beth Walker wrote:

I haven't heard of any other companies that
are either willing or prepared to deal with
horses. I know -- from personal experience --
that AAA doesn't. They will handle the tow
vehicle, period. As far as getting your trailer
and horse somewhere safe -- you are entirely
on your own.

If you have an RV membership with the Automobile of Southern California (AAA in 
this neck of the woods), it WILL tow your horse trailer, but not if it has 
horses in it, and only up to $200 worth.  They will, however, winch it out of a 
ditch (been there, done that) and change the tires on it or provide other 
necessary road-side assistance.  

It is my understanding that other AAA clubs in different parts of the country 
do  not offer this service with the RV membership.

However, if you get lucky to be assigned to the right AAA tow service provider, 
he will let you bring your horse and trailer to his yard and all kids in the 
neighborhood will feed your horse carrots while he calls a mechanic to come 
from home to fix your truck and a get the owner of the auto parts store out of 
church on Sunday in Utah to open up so you can buy the parts.

Personally, I have never had any trouble getting excellent service from AAA, 
all over the country.  Even when I have the horse with me.  Tow truck drivers 
in many of the out of the way places where I have had problems usually know 
somebody with a truck who is willing to hitch up your trailer and haul it and 
your horses to the local fair grounds or come with a trailer if there is 
something wrong with yours.

I have never been left stranded by a AAA tow truck driver...you don't ask the 
dispatcher, you just ask the tow truck driver when he gets there.  If he 
doesn't have what you need, he has a radio to contact somebody he knows that 

And yes, if it ends up costing me money; State Farm Insurance will reimburse me.

Orange County, Calif.


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