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Re: [RC] Response to unstable trailer. - Beth Walker

Yeah ... I remember going to a ride a long time ago - has to be 18 or 20 years ago by now. I had my old horse Shadow, and another horse in back, towing with a Ford F250. The trailer was an old aluminum type with surge brakes that I inherited from my ex-husband.

Those in this area know the Pine Valley Bridge .. the road goes downhill towards the bridge, and is protected from the wind until a little bit before you get on the bridge -- and the wind blows there a lot. When we hit the wind, the trailer started fishtailing. I could see it whipping back and forth behind me, and it was sure yanking the truck around. I didn't hit the brakes, but I did take my foot off the gas, slowing us down. I didn't know about speeding, and with surge brakes, using just the trailer brakes wouldn't have been an option, even if I had known what to do.

Whatever I did - it worked, and things settled down before we actually got to the bridge. The horses didn't seem any the worse for the exciting ride. The whole thing couldn't have lasted more than 5 - 8 seconds, but it was an exciting few seconds.

I think it was later that year, as we were changing a tire on that trailer, we found the front axle was unstable ... I bought a new trailer that weekend, and sold that one to a guy who worked on race cars, and knew how to fix it.

On Mar 29, 2008, at 5:18 PM, rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:

The stability of a towed load depends on a bunch of things.


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Re: [RC] Response to unstable trailer., rides2far