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Re: [RC] [RC] Riding post rotator cuff surgery - Dawn Carrie

Hang in there...you'll be good as new.  I shredded (rather than just tore) my rotator cuff and had it repaired in 2003, I think it was.  I have 100% of my range of motion back.  The first surgery was in March, and in spite of phys. therapy, I laid down a ton of scar tissue, and had to have a second surgery in Sept. to remove the scar tissue.  After that, more p.t, although since I now knew what moves to do, I just did it at home with my husband.
After the initial repair, my ortho told me to stay off horses for 3-4 months, as the rotator cuff was so badly shredded, he said it was kinda like trying to repair the knees of a pair of jeans that had worn through, and any stress could destroy the repair.  I compromised...after about 8 weeks, I started riding my friend's bombproof mare, rather than my spooky, arm-pulling gelding.  <G>  I still try to avoid landing on my left shoulder if I come off, as he warned me if I trash it again, he doesn't know if he'll have anything left to work with in there.
The key is, do your p.t., and keep the shoulder moving.  You can get 100% range of motion back...but it takes a lot of work.  It's frustrating now, but a little patience in letting it heal well will pay big dividends down the road.  But if you can ride without using that arm...well, I know what *I'd* do.  ;)
Dawn Carrie, Texas
and Chivas (sorry mom, didn't mean to trash your shoulder!)
and Bear (mom does strange gyrations in midair when I dump her to avoid landing on that shoulder!)
and Sundance (the time I dumped her she landed on her back and just laid there and moaned <EG>)

On 3/21/08, Skyla Stewart <temposmom@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I would love any POSITIVE replies from any riders that have had moderate/severe rotator cuff surgery and your return to riding. I'm nearly 4 weeks post op and the doc said I could probaly ride at 6 weeks.  I'm losing my mind (as you can guess). I really want to hear what other endurance riders have done (moderate/severe)  and how quickly you were back to the rides. My therapists just kind of look at me and don't say a thing, not sure then understand the NEED to be back in the saddle...LOL
Email me at temposmom at yahoo. com
Thanks, as I need ANY cheering up I can get!
PS-my horse is a good guy, so not a concern about "handling" him post op. :o)

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[RC] Riding post rotator cuff surgery, Skyla Stewart