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RE: [RC] [RC] Mammoth Cave Trails in danger of being closed ? - Kristen A Fisher

Hi Dawn –


This is great advice – maybe we should incorporate some best practices like this into the Trail Master program?




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Subject: Re: [RC] [RC] Mammoth Cave Trails in danger of being closed ?


Below is the reply I posted to the new 100 milers list, where this was also posted...


Just a word of advice, from someone who works for the federal government (Forest Service) and thus deals with public input on environmental assessments (EAs)/environmental impact statements (EISs).  The number of "votes" for a particular alternative or option does not matter.  *Especially* in the form of form letters such as this.  The first one to arrive is read and any pertinent issues raised are noted.  All subsequent ones are just added to the "pile," so to speak.  No, they are not counted.  This is not a voting contest.  In order to have any effect, one needs to write original letters, raise pertinent ("significant" in govt. lingo) issues, offer alternatives that are reasonable, explain how the preferred alternative is unsuitable, etc.  A key tip...read the first part of the EA or EIS, the part entitled "purpose and need."  Make sure your offered alternatives MEET that purpose and need.  For example, if part of the purpose and need of this project were to reduce conflict between bikes and horses, then building a separate bike trail (as noted below) would meet that purpose and need (just as the preferred alt. of closing the existing trail to horses meets it).  If stopping excessive trail use/erosion is part of the purpose and need, then a separate trail might also work.  But whatever you propose, make SURE it meets that "purose and need" stated in the document.  Otherwise, your comments will appropriately be dismissed as "outside the scope of this project."  Oh, and don't resort to any kind of inflamatory remarks, accusations, etc. in your letters.  Stay rational, concise, and to the point.  Your input will be received much better, and the equestrian community as a whole will be looked on as a serious, professional-acting community.

Best of luck,
Dawn Carrie, Texas


On 3/21/08, april <moonlitride@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I got this from another list I am on. I don't usually forward stuff...



Please fill out this 30 second form

Dear Horse Enthusiasts,

The National Park Service is considering making changes to the Mammoth Cave Trail System. Some of the changes could severely limit the trails for equine use.
We need for all horse lovers and trail riders to band together and help keep these beautiful and unique trails open to horses.
Mammoth Cave Natural Park encompasses 52,830 acres in south central Kentucky and is home to the largest cave system in the world.
Right now the "preferred" alternative is to close First Creek Trail to all horses. This is a vital trail linking the Lincoln trailhead to the rest of the north side horse trails and thus cuts horse off from the majority of the parks trails. This alternative would be devastating to the equestrian community.
We have created a letter that opposes this alternative and instead recommends a new plan that creates a separate trail for bicyclists on the south side of the river returning the north side trail system to horses and hikers.
To fill out form click on the following link
Once you fill out form click the submit button. The letter will be automatically forwarded to the National Park Service. The form has been carefully encrypted so as to protect your personal information from spammers.

[RC] Mammoth Cave Trails in danger of being closed ?, april
Re: [RC] [RC] Mammoth Cave Trails in danger of being closed ?, Dawn Carrie