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Re: [RC] [RC] Scottsdale ride Cancellation - Beth Walker

I will agree - very sad. First - I'm one of those riders that really doesn't like to trailer long distances. A ride that is 450 miles away is out of my travel area -- 200 miles is about my limit for right now -- so having another, closer ride on the same weekend just means that I get to choose between going to a ride, and NOT going to a ride. It doesn't mean that I choose between the two rides.

Personally - I'm not convinced that there should be any buffer zones, other than having two rides on the same day which are within about 100 - 150 miles of each other. Then a 2 - 3 week buffer makes sense. Otherwise - as Barbara said, the rides are going to be drawing from different pools, so they shouldn't conflict.

On Mar 18, 2008, at 2:46 PM, Dawn Carrie wrote:

That is very, very sad. For a RM/sanctioning director to place a 2-3 week buffer around his rides is a disservice to riders. Here in CT region, we have a lot of rides, and try to have rides just two weeks apart if they are in the same general area (such as in Texas - generally just a few hundred miles apart). We'll often even alternate weekends for rides in TX and OK, since they, for the *most* part, attract different groups of riders. That has worked well. Very few RMs in CT region have felt the need to try and insulate their rides with "no ride" buffers of 2-3 weeks surrounding them...doing so reduces the number of weekends available for rides, and hurts both riders and RMs...most RMs realize that. Your ride sounded delightful...I'm sorry to hear that it won't happen this year due to politics.

Dawn Carrie, Texas


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[RC] Scottsdale ride Cancellation, Rusty
Re: [RC] [RC] Scottsdale ride Cancellation, Dawn Carrie