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Re: [RC] trailers - Ellen Zawada

I had a cousin that was extremely car sick, even on short trips.  I think that I remember reading somewhere that you should place children or pets that get car sick facing backwards if possible.  It has something to due with how the eyes and brain process the information of speed, motion, distance, etc. and facing backwards was easier and caused less "motion sickness".  Wonder if this also plays a part in how the horses travel.  While humans rely on their eyesight the most, horse other senses are more sensitive than ours.  So even if they are not looking out the window, maybe the other senses are affected by motion sickness.
Just a thought,

sherman <sherman@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Every time I leave a horse loose in the trailer, they are facing backwards when I check on them. Some will turn around even before I get into the truck. I wonder if they would do it in an enclosed trailer? Mine is a 2H slant load, stock type so they can see out the back more than they can see out the side rails.

Zephyr Creek Kigers

[RC] trailers, sherman