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RE: [RC] FEI - racing - riding - Europe - USA - Leonard.Liesens

Title: RE: [RC] FEI - racing - riding - Europe - USA


foot-ball ... literally you play with your feet and with one ball... this is what WE do in football; you guys use your hands (and also) plenty of artifacts :-)

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From: Truman Prevatt [mailto:tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Fri 3/14/2008 10:35 PM
To: LIESENS Leonard (COMM)
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Subject: Re: [RC]   FEI - racing - riding - Europe - USA

Leonard.Liesens@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> But let's stop with comparisons. Things are different, we are somehow
> different we like popcorns with sugar, you like them salty (beurkkk).
> we eat frogs and many other things like organs of animals (you will
> say beurkkkk).
I used to spend a lot of time gigging frogs - yum. We Southerners - at
least of my age ate organs hell we even deep fired the pig's skin and
ate that - didn't let anything go to waste. We have kettle corn - which
is very good which is popcorn with sugar! When I'm in England I
regularly eat the "strange things" on the menu - much to my colleagues
disgust at times.

Absolutely nothing against how folks ride in Europe - that's your
business - and it's only natural endurance would have evolved
differently there than here. Europe and the US are after all different.
I have absolutely flat out endurance racing be it held in the UAE,
Europe or even the US. The only thing I find a bit bothersome this sort
of merger mentality I see from some.

Now if you guys would just stop calling that silly game where you chase
a round ball around a field - fussball. That's not football!  I don't
have anything against soccer either. I refereed it for about 10 years on
the high school level in Maryland when it was so new in this country
that there weren't enough referees. I learned to play it in college as
the track team used it to keep in shape during fall before the winter
and spring track seasons. However, it's still not football ;-) !

Merci pour votre invitation gentille.



"It is even harder for the average ape to believe that he has descended
from man." H.L. Mencken

[RC] FEI - racing - riding - Europe - USA, Leonard.Liesens
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RE: [RC] FEI - racing - riding - Europe - USA, Leonard.Liesens
Re: [RC] FEI - racing - riding - Europe - USA, Truman Prevatt