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RE: [RC] re: Clipping (Leonard's comments) - Leonard.Liesens

Title: RE: re: Clipping (Leonard's comments)

OK, but I was speaking about athletes having to cover 100 miles at 12km per hour, entering fast in the vetgate, cruising fast on the trail mostly at the canter (it was flat and easy, was it ???), dissipating heat as fast and efficiently as possible, and the list goes on.

Hat happens after with the horses who successfully or not completed the 100 miles is a question of good management.

I do not know the owner(s) of the horses and the full story so please do not feel insulted with my words. This was just a commen


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Subject: [RC] re: Clipping (Leonard's comments)

Hi, Leonard.  I always enjoy your comments and perspective, but I have
to disagree with you on the clipping issue.  It is a matter of personal
choice, of course, but many very hard working mountain west horses in
the USA are never clipped.  Yes, one has to be careful in cooling them
out in winter and meticulous in keeping girths clean and checking for
galls.  Our temperatures out here often dip below 0 F AND we often have
raging winds.  Many of these horses have a wind break or open shelter,
but no barn.  I know that this is hard for horse people in more
"civilized" places to imagine, but we rarely see the kind of problems
you are discussing. 

Cindy Collins