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RE: [RC] Clipping - Leonard.Liesens

Title: RE: Clipping


funny... I made the same comments when we were at the Horse of the Year in New Zealand. During the summer of course. All horses carried blankets and ... shit... how do you guys call that... things that we carry when skying... cagoule in french... cowl says my harraps's shorter.


I don't know about the ride you all are discussing, but as long as Jay m=
entions the clipping thing...I was amazed at all the horses that seemed =
to live in blankets in Australia. One of the websites I viewed just show=
ed pasture situations, humans were lightly dressed, all horses heavily b=
lanketed. An endurance friend of mine moved to Australia and commented o=
n the fact that it seemed every horse in Australia lived in a blanket fi=
rst thing. Where did that trend come from?  I would think that a horse t=
hat is body clipped year around, even though blanketed has a cold belly =
& flanks...the very area where the most cooling occurs. Would they not m=
igrate those capillaries that are for cooling inward? I thought horses d=
eveloped a better cooling network of capillaries in the heat...does that=
 not reverse when you expose the body to cold continually?