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[RC] Back Surgery - Peggy B-Smith

Please be very careful and look into everything when dealing with long-term back pain and problems.
I am just home from 6 days in the hospital, haven't ridden for 2 months, and probably won't for at least another 6 weeks or so.
I had been having back pain and problems for at least a year. It got so bad, I couldn't  sleep. I had chiropractic care, went to yoga 3 days a week, walked my dogs and rode, trying to "fix my back" thinking I just wasn't in good enough shape. I would get off my horse to walk during a ride and would almost fall down and dreaded trying to remount! I then noticed I was wearing out my sheeps wool cover on my saddle on the right side and farther back than the left. Then at the Tejon ride, I had to pull on day 2 because my mare was so sore on the left side that I couldn't tighten the girth back up.
A few weeks after Tejon, I had a "back attack" - could barely walk, move - grounded.
I went to a Ortho Doctor and  after noticing some of my symptoms sent me for an MRI. To make a long story short, I had a tumor on my spine pressing on my nerves. It had been causing me to lose strength in my right leg - in fact I had no reflexes on that leg. My Neuro Surgeon told me this type of tumor is very slow growing and had probably been there for years.
I know most back problems aren't caused by something like this, but it is something to keep in mind. The funny thing is, the ortho doc said my back is in pretty good condition considering all my years of running, riding and other heavy-duty sports and being 59.

Right now, I just want to ride!  I went in for surgery on Day 1 of DVE and I thought about all the riders and every day of the ride I was in the hospital. 

Hope to be back on the trails by March or April - after getting myself and my horse back into shape!

Peggy Bergman-Smith
Bear Valley Springs, CA