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[RC] renegades - professor marie

Renegade site is : http://www.renegadehoofboots.com/.

And no Terry--fyi: Kirt did not ask me to post an "ad" for him if that is what you are asking. I am thrilled with his product and they saved my horse after many dire experiences with horrible rubs (and other problems) with all other brands of boots I tried.

Just as you tested Epics for Garret and so willingly shared your happy experiences with his products as they went through various stages of development--I do so in the same spirit. I (and a number of people in different countries) tested Kirt's boots from about mid-way in his development and am proud to say contributed to help make this final product a great boot.

Kirt told me of the winner wearing his boots and it was a great moment in his (and his wife's ) years of hard work conceptualizing a totally new , unique boot design--also one that is made locally in the USA. As he is not a member of RC--I had to post a congrats as his boots are geared for barefoot endurance riders.  

All great products deserve to be on the market. There is plenty of room and need for barefoot boots and everyone can buy what they want and be happy.

I hope that answers your question Terry-- you could have called me about this--we talk all the time. Strange for you to post that question. I know there is some questionable conflict with Garret Ford regarding these boots-- I sure hope you are not participating in that.

Hopefully this will not turn into something like the ugly battle that occurred with Ansur Saddles--where they hired big-shot lawyers to prevent the sale of a lovely British treeless saddle--that is NOTHING like Ansur (but they claimed it was--I saw them both and there was NO similarity except for being treeless) --but Ansur won because the woman in Britain was a small one person operation and could not afford comparable attorney fees. And we--the consumers--- lost---another great product became unavailable due to bizarre competition.

In the spirit of laissez-faire competition--let the different models all be out there for those of us who need them. We should encourage the growth and production of fine products--there is enough profit to go around.

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