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[RC] Albinoism does not exisit in the equine - Nat Nelson

Through extensive genetic research it has been proven that albinoisim does not exist in the equine. The BLM is misinformed with equine color genetics!
The Albino Horse Association has changed their name to reflect that finding  - as it NO longer uses "albino" in there name - it is now known as the American White and Creme Horse Association.
Just because someone calls a horse an albino doesn't make them one.  It does reflect the individuals knowledge regarding equine color genetics however.
More than likely the BLM horse is a cremello or perlino.  It is simple to find out for sure by testing for the Cr (creme dilution) gene.  If the horse has two copies then it is a double dilute. If you want to find out which double dilute color you can test for the Cr gene, red gene, and augoti gene. 
A perlino is a double diluted bay (augouti). (a bay with one copy of the Cr gene would be buckskin)
A cremello is a double diluted red. (a red with one copy of the Cr gene would be palomino).
I was the co-founder of the Cremello Perlino Educational Association and got the AQHA to strike the word albino from their rule book. I also got them to recognize and register the cremellos and perlinos - after a 7 year campaign.  You can go the CPEA website at www.doubledilute.com and learn bunches more about double dilutes.
Buckeye, AZ

Natalie "Nat" Nelson
Cross 5 Ranch
Buckeye, Arizona

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