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RE: Re: [RC] [RC] !Robert Miller, DVM on Barbaro &horsemanship toda - heidi

Actually, Dawn, I take RMM's comments as quite a compliment to the sport--he is pointing out that endurance is the ONE sport in all the equine sports he discussed that has taken steps to protect the horse from overzealous egos.  Coming from RMM, that's a huge pat on the back.
RMM has long been an observant, knowledgeable and articulate voice for our equine partners who have no voice of their own.  This piece is an excellent example.  Thanks, Christy, for sharing it.  RMM has always been the kind of guy that typified what I always thought veterinarians should be--and sadly, as his piece points out with regard to the trainers who can get drugs and procedures that can only have come from and been done by unscrupulous vets, there are those who don't live up to that standard.  RMM is one of the guys that always made me proud to be a vet--the others he cites by example are the ones that made me ashamed of the profession.
I cherish my copy of his book THE SECOND OLDEST PROFESSION, which is a collection of some of his priceless veterinary cartoons--after a discussion with him at the 1997 AAEP meeting in Baltimore much along the same lines as the gist of his article that Christy shared, he inscribed it to me, "Dr. Heidi Smith, Dec 8, 1997, Rx  Read 2 pages when depressed."  Admittedly, some days it takes a few more....

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Subject: [SPAM] Re: [RC]   [RC] !Robert Miller, DVM on Barbaro
&horsemanship toda
From: "Dawn Carrie" <rdcarrie@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, February 02, 2007 2:48 pm
To: "Christy H" <circle.of.mares@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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He makes a lot of good points...but sadly, he perpetuates the myth that endurance riders are a bunch of yahoos who would override our horses and kill them if it were not for vet checks.
<<If it weren't for the frequent veterinary checks, which are mandatory, can
you imagine how many endurance racing horses would die because of their
riders' consuming desire to win? >>
Unfortunately, it only takes a one-liner like this in an otherwise good article to perpetuate the stereotype.
Dawn Carrie

On 2/2/07, Christy H <circle.of.mares@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This is a great article by a respected man....

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